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Maura Green Bridal...


 Cushion cut diamond engagement ring


Maura Green is an NYC based jewelry designer...


"My passion for jewelry began at an early age when I took some local classes in jewelry making. I loved it so much that I pursued an apprenticeship for a jeweler in my hometown while in high school. This ignited a spark, a love for working with metal and gems that I followed to college. 

Earning a BFA from Ohio Wesleyan University in 2004, I concentrated in Jewelry Design and Metalwork.  This course of study solidified my love of jewelry making and prompted me to move to the fashion capital, New York City, after graduation.

This is where my real education began.  Inspired by the creative energy and style in New York, I leased a studio space in 2007 to keep my creativity flowing and have had the opportunity to work for various fine and costume jewelry lines.

My design style is constantly evolving and inspiration comes from all around in my everyday life.
I make pieces that I want to wear myself and try to keep the connection between the idea and my hands visible in pieces- preserving the integrity of the handmade craft which is lost in the mass produced jewelry you find today.

Jewelry tells a story and I believe it has an almost magical quality. You may wear a piece for luck, to remember a loved one, to feel close to someone far away, to commemorate a milestone or a trip to a new place. We all have pieces that we never take off and my hope is to create meaningful pieces that become a part of your life story."

-Maura Green